Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

This year was so much fun! Jack learned all about Santa, his reindeer and presents which made this year a blast. Every night we would read twas the night before Christmas (he even wants to read it now lol).

Xmas eve we went to grandmas for her annual party. Collin brought his kids so jack had some buddies and stayed up till 10:30! Jack put out milk and cookies before bed. Riley crashed early.

They slept in till 7:15 and we headed down to see what Santa brought! They had lots to open and it took a while but was so fun! Grandma, uncle Chris and uncle Jason came over and we opened more. Then went to bapa and jujus for more presents and dinner. Was a busy day!

The kids were so spoiled :) but when they are so cute and good, how can you not!

*thr pics aren't in order...dumb blogger photo app...

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