Thursday, November 8, 2012

My new favorite jack phrases

As Riley crawls "here comes Riley!"
When he gets up in the morning "I wake up!
"I help, messy!"
When he want to take a truck "I bring to school"
He calls his teachers by their names - in fact he sometimes calls us by our names haha!
When Riley isn't there "where's sister?"
After jack eats his vitamins "daddy vitamins"...good reminder
"Santa, reindeer, presents!"
When he shares his toys with Riley "here you go" (on repeat till she grabs it)
To the dog "come here Parker" as he taps his legs
"no big deal"
As he leans over then runs "marks, set, go!"
As he turns the volume down on the iPad "that's loud!!" haha!

Just a few that come to mind. He is just so chatty all the time - tells you what hurts, if it's bedtime, when he's hungry, what book he wants to much fun!! Love it!

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