Monday, October 10, 2011

Apples, Pumpkins and Leaves Oh My!

This weekend was the best weather!! Friday one of my directors had a barn sale at her farm. So we skipped the 1st half or work and daycare and went to pick up some pumpkins!

this truck has the biggest tires!

Found a Jack sized pumpkin!

Saturday morning we went to Lynds farm to pick some apples! Man, they are some good apples too!

How cute :)

Jack couldnt get enough of the apples - he sucked on an apple for 20 mins LOL.

Helping put them in the bag.

Random pics

hanging with the neighbor girls (on my spiderman bike!)

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Four to Score said...

these pics are awesome!

we love us some farms around here ;-)

little man is suuuuuper cute, can we borrow him for a little while, ha!