Sunday, February 27, 2011

perfect sunday to end the week

What a week - was happy for the weekend. I worked a TON (booo) and it was jacks last week at Dannys work daycare. They were so awesome there. I know Jack had a blast. They were so sweet to and on his last day, they gave us a book with pictures of him during his time there - even with his hand prints on the last page :)

Heres a picture of a picture of him during "music" day....of course with spit up coming out of his mouth.

Friday Dad and Judy picked Jack up from daycare so mom and dad could have a date night! It was our first without the boy - Kim and Gary got us awesome tickets to the Blue Jackets - Coyotes game Friday night. Sort of funny story though - Danny listens to "The Torg" a sports radio guy everyday (he even came from AZ). A few years ago we hungout with him and danny has his #. Well as I was driving home Friday there wasnt any music on so I turned it to that channel and he was on talking about how he was going to the game. So I told Danny and he texted him. Sure enough, he met us at the bar pregame for some drinks (and a shot!). We hungout with him a little at the game and for a drink afterwards as the traffic died down. Danny was a "little starstruck" he said - so cute. The guy is super nice and Im sure we'll meet up with him again. He did mention going bowling....

Heres are our sweet seats!

Jack is still learning to eat his food - dude the spoon goes in your mouth, not your head :)

Hoppin on pop saturday morning. Very "chill" day.

Sunday we had the best weather! We took a nice family walk!

Grandma stopped by for her "orientation" because tomorrow she starts her babysitting!! She brought over a "johnny bouncer" for jack - we'll have to practice tonight b/c the first attempt was a FAIL!

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