Tuesday, February 17, 2009

vday 09

Well vday started off just great - I made danny heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (which I got more batter on me than in the pan). We decided that we would only spend $40 on each other this year - well with him getting me a car last year we had to set limits!).

I got danny tickets to the Sox in Detroit and his cousins are coming from Chicago - then we are staying at the casino there - more than $40 but heck, I havent spent it yet!

So from Danny - he made me stay in the bedroom and he said you cant leave for 8 mins and handed me a envelope. Then i heard him him leave in the car. i had to go all around the house getting Transformer Vday cards with clues, the last one which said meet me at the place we got married - so i drove over and danny was on the raised platform with a rose. then we had lunch in the park and fed the ducks (colleen also fed the ducks day - awesome except it was probably 30 degrees colder here!)

it was kinda cold though. then we walked around and he stopped at the nail place and he had a mani/pedi apt for me! so i got super pampered for 3 hours! after that came home and we headed to BRIO all dressed up. i had a giftcard from a packaging vendor from the holidays so we used that. we stayed for 3.5 hours drinking and eating - score.

Came home and CRASHED.

Oh and he got us tickets to the Clippers minor league game on my Bday! Its the 30 so saturday night we are having a big 80's Danny/Margaux 30 party BUT Friday night at the ballpark is perfect.

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Four to Score said...

oh my god, the pic of you and gus and parker is sooooooo cute. sounds like the two of you had a FANTASTIC vday. you two sure do spend a lot of money for vday! i bought ryan a package of heart shaped peanut butter cups! ha! oh yeah, and i made him a cd. you guys' ducks looks like they have goosebumps. you can send them our way, kylee will feed them lots of bread!